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HubSpot is the most complete and powerful full-stack solution for marketing, sales, and customer service in the b2b sector


Work with Growth London for an expert implementation to ensure you get the best return on investment in this powerful toolset

Flawless marketing automation

From intricate marketing funnels to full-scale email campaigns, the HubSpot Marketing Hub delivers the tools you need to convert visitors into customers with landing pages, email, marketing automation, ABM, and more. Track ROI with revenue attribution reporting.

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Powerful sales acceleration

Give your sales team the tools they need to skyrocket your sales. With HubSpot Sales Hub, tracking the progress of deals, getting oversight of your sales funnel, and automating follow-ups is a breeze.

Sales Hub Pro

Closing the loop on Customer Success

Customer Success requires customer-centric onboarding and service — and that’s just what the HubSpot Service Hub delivers. A complete suite of service software to help connect with customers, exceed their expectations, and automate processes.

Service Hub Pro

'A thorough expert to make Hubspot a success'

An example scenario

Switching to Hubspot with Growth London as your Partner

Here is a rough outline of how we might work together


  • 1. Scoping and Planning

    • Workshops / calls to fully understand your sales and marketing requirements, customer journey and goals
    • Define target audience, Ideal Customer Profile(s), Personas and their 'Jobs-to-be-done'
    • Proposal with recommendations on best Hubspot package and setup to suit your requirements plus a detailed plan of action with timelines
    • Budget and proposal approval
  • 2. Kickoff and initial setup

    • Scheduling and project management
    • Purchase Hubspot and complete initial portal setup
    • Map out and agree all required custom fields, pipeline and deal stages and set up in Hubspot
    • Define Lifecycle and Lead Flow (MQL, SQL, deal qualification criteria, etc.)
    • Website integration, chat-flows & forms
  • 3. Data Prep and Import

    • Historic data audit and export from your old CRM and tools
    • Data preparation and enrichment, making ready for import to Hubspot matching new data structure
    • Carry out imports or use a tool like Trujay for portal to portal data transfer
    • Set up active and static lists plus segmentation
  • 4. Lead Scoring & Attribution

    • Map out positive & negative attributes that indicate lead score
    • Set up lead scoring in Hubspot along with automation
    • Map out and set up MQL/SQL Attribution (to fully understand source of all sales opportunities)
    • Implement lead & deal source automation
  • 5. Reporting & Dashboards

    • Set up “State of CRM data” dynamic lists (for ongoing data quality)
    • Sales reporting
    • Marketing reporting
    • Build dashboard(s)
  • 6. Onboarding and Training

    • Setup sales and marketing users with accounts plus email and calendar integration
    • Rollout of Hubspot “Lifecycles” (e.g. Lead, MQL, SQL definitions and criteria)
    • Sales training on using sales hub correctly incl. outbound persona based email sequences
    • Marketing training: email campaigns, chat, ads, social media etc.
    • Process documentation and screen-recorded training videos
  • 7. Ongoing support and maintenance

    • Ongoing data quality and review
    • Monitor team usage finding and sharing areas for improvement
    • Manage data exports, uploads whilst coaching the team
    • Additional ad hoc training sessions if required
Plan for success

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