DELIVERABLES Persona analysis; sales messaging and positioning; LinkedIn social selling strategy; automation; outreach

DURATION 3 months

GOA Marketing
London, UK

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GOA Marketing is an automation platform which speeds up teams and helps them improve performance. GOA (which stands for Governance, Optimisation and Automation) automates the analysis of Google Ad accounts at scale allowing marketing teams to make better decisions, faster.

So far, the ROI on the cost of GOA has been between 1800% to tens of thousands of percent. Effectively saving and making their clients a huge return for every pound invested in GOA.

The platform is completely customisable. Every business is unique and GOA can be tailored to help each business achieve their unique performance marketing objectives.

The Project

Working directly with Dan Chorlton, Co-Founder & CEO, my remit was to help devise and implement a scaleable b2b sales funnel and lead generation strategy.

Persona analysis was conducted to help identify and clarify the typical key stakeholders involved in purchasing the GOA solution. A persona and benefit hook grid was then produced to hone in on the relevant messaging and product positioning for each persona.

We then looked at acquisition channels opting for LinkedIn as the ideal best starting point. A targeted lead prospecting process tied with automation of persona based outreach and communications was implemented with great results and first meetings booked within days of going live.

All in all it was a great opportunity to have worked on this with Dan and the GOA Marketing team. This b2b lead generation strategy implemented at GOA has since become a core part of my B2B playbook.

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